Friday, November 9, 2012

Coming Soon! "The Chamber Chronicles"

Welcome to Arcadia Springs, Oklahoma. A small resort town located just East of the Guthrie-Edmond Metro Area. Home to the Lake Arcadia, Arcadia Springs Air Force Base, and the famous Grand Springs Hotel and Spa, this small city seems like any other suburb in the Midwest. Good schools, a historic downtown, and partnerships with nearby universities, it seems like the quintessential place to raise your family.

But underneath City Hall lies one of America's greatest national secrets, known to only those at the  uppermost levels of the government and military. Unearthed by accident in 1920, the Arcadia Springs Chamber has opened up whole new worlds for scientists, soldiers, sociologists, and historians to explore. Literally. With the seemingly alien device dubbed the "Multi-Earth Portal," brave human explorers can be transported to a nearly infinite number of "alternate Earths." Worlds without humans. Worlds with totally alien seeming civilizations. Worlds where human history went in a very different direction. Endless possibilities that have kept the men and women of the Arcadia Springs Chamber Command busy exploring the unknown since 1946.

Join Nicolas Sterling, a bright university student, as he uncovers this amazing secret that exists underneath the streets of Arcadia Springs, and all of the amazing and sometimes terrifying worlds that await him and the members of the ASCC on the other side of the Portal.

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