Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming Soon! *Hopefully*

Hello to all my readers! I promise, the Weekly Chrononaut is not dead. It's just been in hibernation as I've been so busy wrapping up my FINAL semester at university (now less than 11 days until graduation!!).
I just wanted to let you know of a few things I'm working on and hoping to have released very soon (sometime in mid-May):

- The (temporary) Conclusion of "Silent Night." I've nearly finished Part 6, and that will be the final update for the immediate future. It will wrap up WWI and set the stage for the post war world. I will most likely revisit that world sometime in the future, but I want to get that story to a stopping point and work on some of my other projects I have going.

- Arcadia Springs/Chamber Chronicles: I first mentioned this early in November as a potential project. My goal is to have a first story out sometime in May. I've been hammering out the back story, and hope to have something for you to read soon.

- Titanic Colony: This is a story I started some time ago, and my siblings have been pestering me to do more with it. I think I'll start sharing that story shortly. This is a bit of sci-fi mixed in with alternate history. It's essentially a world building project. I won't give much more away for now.

Also, I've set up a Facebook page to allow people to connect and interact with the blog through that site. In addition to posting links to new posts, I hope to conduct polls there and do other alternate history-related posts and discussions.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy what's coming in the future.