Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome to the Weekly Chrononaut

First things first. What is, as my friend so finely put it, a "Chronowhobeewhatie"? Simply put, it's a time traveler. I love history and love exploring our past. I also enjoy a good historical fiction novel. As most of my friends can also attest to, I really enjoy novels of "alternate history."

Huh? Alternate history? What's that you ask? The short answer: "what if." Have you ever read about a moment in history and wondered "what if things had happened differently?" Most people in the United States have probably wondered "what if the South had won the Civil War," or "what if the British had won the American Revolution?" These alternate history novels that I really enjoy take what ifs like these and more, and imagine what the world would have been like had things gone differently. Not only do I enjoy reading these kinds of stories, I like to try my hand at writing them as well. 

So, what's the plan with this blog? That's a really good question. I have a few different plans for what I want to do on here. First, I want to post my own stories on here to share with others. Second, I'd like to review books that I read, both fiction and non-fiction. And Third, I'm going to post historical resources as I come across them and share them with my readers for their own use. 

Being that I'm a students, and my schedule can get busy, my goal is to post at least once a week (hence the "Weekly" in the title). 

Well, that's that for a beginning. Hopefully more to come in the next few days. 

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