Monday, December 24, 2012

Blog Update 12/24/2012

Hello to all my readers, and a Merry Christmas Eve to you as well. I hope you're enjoying your holiday season as much as I am. With all the holiday events, I've not been able to work on the next update for Silent Night, but I am hoping to have a new update out before New Years.

I've been really excited this week. There have been record views on the Weekly Chrononaut, and on saturday afternoon the view count exceeded 1,000 views, currently sitting at 1,056 as I type up this post. In addition, this week has seen daily views staying consecutively in between 20-40 views, with two record highs, hitting 131 views on December 18th, and 70 views on December 21st.

It's been very exciting to see readership go up, and I hope to continue to put out new and interesting content to see this trend continue. A special thanks to my fellow writer's who have been very encouraging when talking with me and also having been kind enough to help me get my work out to more and more people. I hope to feature some of their work on here soon as a way of saying thank you, and also to share their excellent work with those of my readers who haven't been introduced to them yet. More thanks are also in order for my family, who have been very supportive of this project and have been kind enough to read all my stories that I've posted so far.

Well, the sun is setting here in the MidWest, and I will have things to do with my family before too long. So to all my readers, whether you're family, friends, fellow writers, or fans of alternate history, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season, and I hope to have a new update for you soon.

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